Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lift, Tone, Burn!

About a week ago I attended my first Barre class and to say I loved it only scratches the surface!  My younger sister has been attending classes up North for several months now and raves about the workout and I have to say, I can see the results!  She looks great!  I found out a few months ago that a Pure Barre studio was opening and I figured I had to try it!  

I'll admit, I was skeptical going into the class, I'm not a yoga person and I'm not into Pilates- I have real trouble getting into "slower" exercises but I decided that after seeing her transformation I had to stick it out!   I arrived and was given 2 pound weights- like any other runner I questioned how 2 pounds was going to make a difference but I took the weights, the band, and the ball and took my spot in the room.  Well, was I surprised!  Not more than 5 minutes into the class I was hurting already and from then on, I don't think a minute went by during that 55 minute class that I was not feeling the burn!  My legs were shaking and several times I had to stop, shake it out, and refocus before beginning the workout again!

Since the Barre studio was new and it happened to be opening day we had several teachers in the room.  There was of course the one who was teaching the class up at the front but then there were two more ladies going through the class with us to model the exercises as we were doing them.  For someone who had never taken a Barre class before this was great as I was able to begin working on my form from the first minute of class!  Having correct form definitely helped the workout burn even more... I attended my second Barre class today and it was just as good as the first!  I can't wait to go back!


Question of the day: What new workouts have you tried lately?

Link of the day: New to Pure Barre?

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