Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Humid and Wet Half-Marathon

On Sunday I ran my 5th half-marathon- the the Jacksonville Bank Half- Marathon.  I'm still training for my "To Marathon or Not to Marathon" so my previous weekend had consisted of a 15 mile training run.  I figured I'd be set, maybe not for a PR as my previous PR was 7:38 from this past March's Tour de Pain Extreme, but at least to make or beat my time from last year's Jax Bank Half- an 8 minute mile.  I knew a few days before the race that the weather conditions wouldn't exactly be ideal but didn't realize how much that would all affect me until that gun went off.  The temperature was about 70 degrees and although it was cloudy and early in the morning, the humidity (and this is Florida humidity!) was about 95%.  Although, as I said before, it wasn't sunny so not extremely hot- the humidity was so oppressive that it was very difficult to breath for much of the race.  That combined with my cold that was still hanging on by the tail end, I knew it would be a long and tough race- not to mention no chance at a PR.  There was about a 100% chance of rain for the area as well so we knew it wasn't going to be good.  We luckily escaped most of the rain as we only hit a few pockets of light rain on the course...until the end.  About two miles before I finished the sky opened up!  By the time I hit the finish line on the field the puddles seemed to be a couple of inches deep.

I ended up finishing strong and rushed home to get out of the rain.  Well the rain seemed to continue just as hard for about the next hour and a half.  I felt horrible for all of those running the full the same day as most of them hit about 2-2.5 hours of pouring rain!  I knew my end time was somewhere just under 1:47:00 (I wasn't  immediately able to turn on my phone to stop my GPS because of all of the rain) so I wasn't uber eager to check the official race time sheet online.  Later that afternoon I finally saw the results I had been dreading- a finish time of 1:46:38..an 8:11 pace!  That definitely was far from what I had planned but I'm later realizing that with less than optimal conditions, I guess it's not too bad.  I of course (and I'm sure all your runners out there understand) had to then check where I placed in my age group and out of all women finishers.  I was 9th in the 30-34 age group out of 111 and 42 out of the 762 women who finished the race...not too bad, I guess the difficult conditions affected everyone- not just me!

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