Monday, December 30, 2013

A Week of No Runs

Inevitably my travels up to the cold North last week made a lasting impact on me- I was left with a cold.  Sunday was scheduled to be an ‘off’ day for me after my 15 mile run the day before so I spent the morning instead with my younger sister at her barre class.  Monday was supposed to be a short, 4 mile run and Tuesday a 5 mile run.  Well Monday morning started off with me sleeping in as my plane didn’t land until midnight the night before and I didn’t get to be until after 2.  Since I had been away for the last 4 days and was headed out again the next morning for two more days for Christmas, I skipped my Monday run to clean and get the house ready to hear out again the next day.  Tuesday I was about to head out and he to the gym when we realized that duh, it was Christmas Eve and the gym wasn’t open so he decided to run with me.  Since he doesn’t run very often at all we ended up with a 5.5 mile (I ran the extra mile on my own, my husband ran with me for the first 4.5) at a pace of 9:16 (the first 4.5 miles)/ 9:09 pace (I was able to get it down a bit in my last solo mile). 
Well that run left me with massive shin splints (I have since realized it’s 100% time for new running shoes!) which I decided to nurse along with my cold Wednesday morning since it was Christmas day and all.  By Thursday morning neither my shin splints nor my cold had begun to get any better so I decided to try and sleep in an go for a run when we got home from our 4 hour drive that evening...since we didn't get home until after 7- that didn't happen either!  

That meant that when I went out for my 6 mile scheduled training run (it was supposed to be 5 but since I hadn't run in almost a week I decided 6 would be a good idea) I was seriously lagging!  I still hadn't gotten over my cold so needles to say it was a long and challenging run!  With a time of 52:24 and an average pace of 8:30 it wasn't a "bad" run but certainly wasn't was I was hoping for that day!  

Question of the Day: Have you ever had to take a significant amount of time off due to illness?  If so, how did you cope with the idea of "missing a run" each of those days?

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