Monday, December 16, 2013

Polar FT4 Review

Recently I bought the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor...I've been thinking about buying a heart rate monitor for a while now (months) and finally gave in when I found a great deal on Amazon and since we just began a month long free trial with Amazon Prime it seemed like the right time.  Plus ordering anything through Amazon automatically donates money to my neighborhood rescue when I use their link so that was an added bonus and since the stars aligned, I had to buy it, right?! 

So far I've worn it about 6 times while both running and spinning and it seems pretty accurate!  I am able to change the reading very easily while running so if I want to see my calorie burn so far or my current heart rate or even the current time/how long I've been exercising for, one simple button lets me scroll through each screen!  I've never had a GPS watch and I haven't even work a regular watch in my daily life in probably a year but having the watch on my wrist when I run or spin is very comfortable, I barely even know it's there!  

I was questioning buying a heart rate monitor as I figured the chest strap would be tight and feel awkward while working out (I'm sensitive to temperature and most other sensations when I'm running).  I became even more so when I read the directions for the first time and read that I need to wet the strap before wearing it...I figured it would feel icky like that wet bathing suit you put back on or those jeans that aren't completely dried yet but I barely even noticed!  I will say that on the chillier mornings it can be a little cold as you put on the wet strap but it goes away pretty fast.

I'm still figuring out the details of the data post-run but during my run I can scroll through three screens...the first is the current heart rate, nice and big on the screen so I can see while I'm moving along!  The next is calories burned so far which is also nice and big and seems to be pretty accurate!  The third during workout screen is the duration of the activity as well as the current time which is great as it's the only watch I wear while working out and I'm always rushing back for work!

Overall I would give the Polar FT4 a big two thumbs up!

Question of the day: DO you wear a GPS watch or heart rate monitor while you workout?  If so, what brand is it and do you like it?

Link of the day: The American Heart Association's Target Heart Rate Page!

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