Monday, December 23, 2013

Running to Explore a “New” Town!

I’m up visiting my family for a few days for my yearly December trip home!  We’re spending Christmas this year with my in-laws but even when we’re not spending the holiday in New York, I always make a trip up to spend some time with my family. This year is extra special as I have a new nephew (Yay!) and as I live in Florida and they live in Pennsylvania, this trip is the first time I’ll get to meet him!
Thursday I took an “off” day as according to my training schedule, Thursday is a rest day, plus it was nice to have a relaxing morning of work after a very long travel experience that ended very late the night before!  Friday morning though, I was up bright and early though for a run!  Not sure if I was going to run 4, 5, or the 7 I had on the schedule for the day- I set out.  I’m staying at my parents’ house but they have moved into a new house since the last time I was up to visit in July and although still in the same time they’ve lived in all of my life, the new house is on the opposite side of town from our previous house of 20 years.  That meant my run would be mostly on this “new” side of town!  Although they moved from a house w block from the current one to that house of 20 years, I was 10 when we moved out of this side of town so it’s been a while since I really took the time to experience it!  My morning run was the perfect time to do so!  Since I wasn’t sure how far I would go I decided to stay on our side of town and do a big loop.  Well, I began to get lost in all of the houses that hold very distant memories for me and that, along with the new houses and renovations that have up over the 6.5 years since I moved to Florida, provided the scenery and desire to keep going.  We were in a bit of a time crunch (it was the day to head to Pennsylvania to see the nephews) so I didn’t quite make it the 7 miles I was hoping for but I did make it a nice solid 6.5! 

All of the changes, memories of friends’ old homes, and holiday decorations provided a nice distraction from the chilly morning (I am up North after all) and the fact that I was wearing way too much clothing  for the 36 degree temperature (Hey, I’m from the South now and 36 is a scary number!).   I was nice to have the time to explore a side of town that is old but new again!

Question of the day: Do you like running in new places?
Link of the day: Hal Higdon's Beginning Runner's Guide

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