Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Saturday Morning 17 Miler

except in the summer in florida its toooooo hot to just go at anytime. morning or night. period. lol

Well I'm at that point in my training where those obnoxious numbers like 17, 18, and 20 show up ;)  This Saturday was 17 and man was it fun....right!  I headed out about 8:30 am, the forecast for the day was cloudy and cloudier so I wasn't in a rush to get out the door.  I don't have many friends locally who train for long races like these so I usually run, which I like, but it is nice to have company when you're running for 2.5 to 3 hours.  When training for my marathon last year my husband rode his bike along with me as it's a great way for him to get out of the house and get some exercise as well so he decided to pick that up again this year.  He wasn't quite ready when I was so while he was finishing his coffee and a morning snack I headed out the door to run a mile around the neighborhood to meet him at home so we could head out for the rest of the run.  I ran about 1.2 miles by the time I got home to pick him up and he was just about ready.  Since he was riding his bike I ran ahead and let him catch up.  

I ran my normal long run route which is about 8 miles so combined with the mile I had already run I turned around at about 9 miles.  I headed back the 8 miles and with an extra lap around our section of the neighborhood I was done!  17 miles even at an 8:38 pace!  
My run lasted 2:26:46.  I of course had to look up the stats of my 17 mile run from last year's training (I am hoping for a PR here!) and 2:28:02, and 8:42 pace- boom!  4 seconds faster per mile, a total of 0:1:16 faster total time, PR here I come!  
Last year of course being my first every 26.2 my goal was just to finish, nothing more.  Well once I realized that I was speeding along I decided to keep it going and finished in 3:49:33, an 8:46 total pace.  Now of course, being the runner that I am, I feel I need to aim for a PR which of course not aiming too high is a finish time of 3:48:00 to 3:48:50  can't have it be 3:49.... because when I shorten my time to just the hours and minutes and most people do when recapping race results in conversation it will seem like I got the same time.  So there it is...my plans to the perfect second marathon.   

This weekend  I have 18 on the calendar and no bike riding buddy to help me along but alas, run 18 miles I will!  Last year's 18 mile run took me 2:38:03 with a pace of 8:46 so I guess I'll aim for an 8:40 to 8:44 pace to keep it faster than last year's run!

Question of the day: It's January 2014- what does your race calendar look like this year?

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