Sunday, January 12, 2014

NatureBox: Healthy and Delicious Snacks Delivered to Your Door!

As a runner, healthy eater, and blogger I tend to follow several other blogs that interest me and for some time now I have been reading about NatureBox.  NatureBox is a snack box delivered directly to your door with healthy, yummy, nutritionist approved snacks!  I am all about healthy eating but still crave good tasting food so this seemed like the perfect fit!  I came across a link on Carrots 'N' Cake and since the link gave me 1/2 off my first box, I had to try it out!

I clicked the link and signed up!  I didn't do too much exploring as to whether or not I could choose my own snacks but since part of the fun was to experience and try something new I figured I'd take whatever came!  I chose the NatureBox Deluxe which comes with 5 snacks and since I was paying $10 for the box, it made each snack only $2!  Win!  I went with the smallest box since it would just be me eating them as my husband continues to fill his tortilla chip addiction.  NatureBox is great because you can pause your subscription at any time so for this month, I still had some snacks left over from my last box so after these 5 snacks came I knew I wouldn't need another shipment at the end of January so I paused it for a month and my next set of snacks won't ship out until February 22- plenty of time to savor the others!  

In my first box came:

All of these snacks were awesome!   I loved in even in the "Surprise Box" they sent me both savory and sweet snacks- a nice balance to cover every craving I might be having!!  I loved adding the granola and dried fruit to my morning yogurt and the pistachio clusters were a great quick and sweet bite when the mood struck!  The Roasted Kettle Kernels tasted *exactly* like honey roasted peanuts but were a bit too hard for me to crunch.  With that said, if you like corn nuts- you'll LOVE these roasted kernels (they come in BBQ flavor as well!)!  Although I loved the array of snacks I received, I figured I'd try something new for my second delivery!  I perused the NatureBox website and found 5 awesome snacks that I couldn't wait to try.  I wanted to go with the sweet and savory but I am trying to eat more proteins to help my snacks last a bit longer so I can focus on work without having to stop every hour to grab something to eat!  I chose:

Baked Sweet Potato Fries (which I basically inhaled within a couple of days!)
Flax Fortune Coins (I'm a HUGE fortune cookie fan and these tasted *exactly* like fortune cookies!)
Sunshine Chips (which were easily my favorite choice from the box)
Harvest Nut Mix (the attempt to get more protein)
Dark Cocoa Almonds (wait, maybe these were my favorite- they didn't last more than a day!)

Although I was pretty happy with the order I decided for my next shipment to swap out the Flax Fortune Coins for the Far East Rice Crackers which, being so low in calories, is pretty much a bag I can inhale in one sitting!  Each of the snacks has anywhere from 3-5 servings though since they're all so good (and healthy) it's hard to stop at one serving!  The ingredient list for these snacks is usually pretty short and nothing like "dimethylpolysiloxane"<-- say what?!!

Each snack is labeled as to whether it's gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, savory, sweet, spicy, low sodium, vegan, etc.!  You can even sort on their website by these different categories to make it that much easier to find snacks that meet your dietary guidelines!  

You can't beat the $10 first-time promotion (click here to try for $10 to start) which makes each snack only $2 and really, even the full price for the smallest box of $19.95 makes each snack only $4- a great price for healthy, nutritious, yummy snacks delivered directly to your door with no extra shipping or tax!

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