Thursday, February 27, 2014

Back To The Barre!

Well I'm back, after 2 full rest days post marathon my muscles felt strong enough to get back to a minimal amount of exercise.  I'm still holding off on running until *hopefully* tomorrow but I knew that a low impact strength day was just what my body needed.  I posted about this a couple of months back but I have been attending Barre classes at the Pure Barre studio near my house and decided to stop by for a 12pm class yesterday afternoon.  I was a bit worried about the warm up part of class as it involves both front and side planks and I still have a pretty gnarly blister on one toe of my right foot but I took it slow when changing positions and ended up with no problems at all.  My leg muscles were full recovered by then and it ended up being a great class.

My focus now is to of course keep running as I do have the Gate River Run 15K coming up in just over 2 weeks, but to also begin a regular schedule of strength training.  As a runner, lifting is not my favorite part of gym time but I normally push through a minimal (very minimal) amount just to ensure I'll make it through the race without completely falling apart.  I keep saying that as I'm a runner with 2 full marathons under my belt I want to *look* like a runner as well and with barely any muscle tone, well I look like anything but!  I have the benefit (or curse!) of living in Florida and the warm weather will be rolling in soon enough so this is about the time of year when my running begins to die down anyway.  Since Gate River Run comes only 3 weeks after the marathon each year I don't need to do any extra running training so my daily and weekly running will amount to much less, leaving a lot more time for strength training!  I plan to make barre classes a twice weekly event and also plan to try out a new form of strength classes beginning Tuesday morning.

I bought a Groupon recently for one month unlimited at Timed Exercise and hope to begin next week!  Timed Exercise is a 45 minute class including a short warm up, 30 minute strength training session, then a short cool down as well.  As I am someone who is less than motivated to pick up a free weight or hop on a weight machine at the gym, I figure a new type of group exercise is just what I need to get the ball rolling!  Since the deal I bought is for a month of unlimited classes I plan to attend those 2-3 days per week as well to ensure a full 4-5 days of training.  I know that with my full work schedule I can work in about 3-4 mile runs on those days as well to keep my cardio training active and of course get in the running time that I love.  I'm sure that after the month is over I'll cut my strength training sessions down to about 3-4 per week so I can add in 2 "longer" runs (between 4 and 6 miles) per week with the shorter runs I do to warm up before a class but I want to start strong and then after the toning begins I can cut back, but only a little bit!

Question of the Day: What new exercises or classes have you tried lately?  Did you like it?

Link of the Day: Runner's World: How Best to Combine Strength Training and Running

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