Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Fun!

Welcome to the first edition of "Friday Fun!"  As an avid reader of blogs (oh, that sounds like a job title- I want that one!) I read a lot of themed weekly posts such as "What to Wear Wednesday" or "Thursday Tidbits" and I love the idea of a fun, short, weekly post so here goes....the first edition of "Friday Fun!"

Sweaty Bands
As a (fairly) serious runner I am always looking for new headbands that are going to stay in place as I run.  It drives me CRAZY when I have pieces of hair flying in my face as I run and other than the ugly plastic headbands that cost 99 cents (and are SO uncomfortable) I haven't yet found anything that truly works!  I bought one yesterday and already love it!  The headband stayed put during my Pure Barre class and then today as well when I put it through it's paces during a 6 mile run!

Sunset Runs!

Do I even have to elaborate? Beautiful colors along the river as I'm trying to make it through the toughest part of my run...umm, yes please!

Kashi Hummus Crisps
I have seen these around for a few months now and have wanted to try them since I first saw them and finally picked up a bag today when I was at the grocery store and ate about half the bag before the groceries were unloaded (don't worry, it's only a 3.5 serving bag!) and they are a-mazing!  No need for dip, they have tons of flavor right on the chip!  I got the Sea Salt and Olive Oil flavor and surprisingly, although they tasted just like Olive Oil I loved them!

C9 Workout Clothing from Target!
I basically buy all of my running clothing (with the exception of shoes of course!) from Target and LOVE the C9 line!  I went last weekend to try and find something fun and new for my upcoming marathon and found a style I've loved in the past but never thought fit me.  Well, I decided to throw caution to the wind and try it on again and I loved it!  The shirt was so cute and would be perfect for the upcoming (way too soon!) summer in Florida!  I bought it in two colors: a rain cloud (Gray) and black.  I wore the gray shirt today and plan to wear the black with a cute (Target) pink running skirt!

I'll be back next week with more Friday Fun! Enjoy the (3 day!) weekend!

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