Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Back in Running Jail

As I suspected after Friday's run my body just wasn't feeling 100% ready to get back into running post marathon last Sunday.  So I decided that after training so hard for 3-4 months I would let my body take some more rest and set a goal of one more week to begin again this Friday.
So here I am again back in running Jail...womp womp.  So far since the race I have taken 7 days off and I have 3 more to go and it's killing me! I made a promise to myself though that after the marathon ended I would focus much more on strength training.  I know marathon training needs to of course involve a decent amount of strength training to help your body carry itself the full 26.2 miles but during the last month of training I really let all of that go.  It was a combination of my gym closing and my running taking up so much of my time that it just seemed easier to keep up with the rest of my daily responsibilities by dropping that extra work.

So of course I can't take 2 weeks of complete rest days so I've been attending regular Pure Barre classes to get back into the habit of strength training.  I have to say that although I'm definitely not feeling myself without getting our there and lacing up my shoes daily I do love hittin' the barre and  getting in a great burn a few times a week!

I'm planning to head out the door Friday early afternoon to get in a good 'ol fashioned run but til then, to the barre!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite type of workout?  Do you lift weights?  Take a bike ride outdoors?  Participate in group exercise?

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