Saturday, March 29, 2014

Friday Fun!

Well, we made it to the weekend and boy am I glad we did!  It's been a long (but good!) week and I am ready for the weekend!

With that said, here are some new and fun things that have kept me going this week(yes I wrote this Friday but didn't post until today- please don't hold it against me for too long)!

Timed Exercise
I know I posted about this already a month back but I finally made it in this week (after I bought the Groupon, oh about 2 months ago!) and I am in love!  This is probably the one thing I have enjoyed the most about the end of this week! I went in for my first class Tuesday and it hurt so good!  We did about a 5 minute active stretch warmup after the trainer demonstrated all of the exercises we would be doing for the day (there were about 4 total) and then got to work!  Since it was my first day I was only able to go 10 of the 30 minutes allowed for the workout, just to ensure I wouldn't hurt myself and that I would in fact be able to come back in the next day....well believe it or not, I was actually extremely sore even after just that 15 (ok, I went 17) minutes!  Wowzers!  I of course had to go back the next day and after that 30 minute (well, the WOD only took me about 23 minutes that day) I had to take a day off!  I was THAT sore!  Finally able to walk again, I went back today for my third day and got through just about all 5 rounds! The instructors are SO motivating and friendly it really keeps you going the entire time- no matter how much you want to This group personal training exercise is only available in the Jacksonville area right now but hopefully it will spread because it's a darn good workout!

Good Running Weather!
It's that time of year where it's actually nice in Northeast Florida!  It's not cold like in the winter but it's not yet hot (though that will certainly be here soon!) either so I can get in pretty solid runs daily!  I took a lot of time off after the marathon at the end of February (wow, that was almost 5 weeks ago!) and now my body is rested and ready to go!  I have run just about every day this week with a "long" run today of 5 miles and have loved that I don't freeze for the first mile but it's not too hot or humid that I want to die after a mile :)  Of course the past few days' runs have been a different story and I'm just hoping my sore muscles don't give out (in other words- VERY slow runs!) but just happy to be back out and enjoying the beautiful weather!

Vanilla Oatmeal Protein Pancakes
Yeah, so this one is so good it got it's own post the other day but I just can't believe how much I love them!  I ran out of protein powder and syrup after yesterday's breakfast (wahhh!) so I had to do without today and my morning just didn't feel the same!  I remedied the situation at the grocery store today so tomorrow we should be back on track!

My New Cell Phone
I basically had the previous version of this phone for the past year and a half but the screen was wayyyy too small and the camera took all pictures with a sort of yellow hue.  Well I had the opportunity last week to upgrade and get a new phone so I took it!  I love the screen size on this new version (it's about a half inch wider and maybe a quarter of an inch longer than my previous phone) and it's great!  I do so much on my phone (yes, I'm internet and social media addicted) so I needed the bigger screen size!

Happy Weekend!!

Question of the Day: What products or events are you loving lately?

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